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    Industry News
    China CNC machine tool exhibition news conference held in Shanghai
    China CNC machine tool exhibition news conference held in Shanghai
    【author/from】webmanager 【time】2018/12/26 【count】6335
    The eighth Chinese CNC machine tool exhibition's theme is: "the new change, new future", the theme accurately, vividly reflect the characteristics of the era of China's machine tool industry development and industrial markets, reflecting CCMT2014's show background.
    At present, due to the profound changes in the market environment and other growth factors, the machine tool industry is facing a severe challenge and experiencing the total demand decreased significantly, accelerate the upgrading of demand structure. There is a barometer of the industry an important exhibition of natural attention.
    Held in Shanghai in January 16, 2014 CCMT2014 news conference, exhibition organizers -- Chinese Machine Tool Industry Association executive vice president Chen Huiren and Secretary Mao Yufeng, Wang Liming, executive vice chairman, Li Jingming *, leadership and co organizer -- Shanghai International Exhibition Co. Ltd. vice president Bian Guorong introduced the related problems of exhibition, and answer a reporter's question.
    According to introduction, CCMT2014 show the size of a record high, will use the 7 exhibition hall in Shanghai New International Expo Center and 5 pavilions, exhibited a total area of 100000 square meters. Up to now, there were from China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, America, Britain, South Korea, Chinese Taiwan and other 20 countries and regions more than 900 machine tool industry manufacturers for exhibitors, of which nearly 270 overseas exhibitors, the exhibition area to total area ratio reached 32%, significantly enhance the internationalization of the exhibition. Shenyang machine tool, Ji two, north, Qin Chuan, Dalian, Chongqing machine tool machine tool, Ningjiang machine tool, Ningbo Haitian, heavy, computer, Qiqihar, Tianshui spark, Qi two and other well-known domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprises, as well as EMAG, DMG, Siemens, Mazak, Haas, MAG, Walter, THK, SECO, constant round day, Fanaco, Tian, hexagon and other world-renowned machine tool manufacturers will be in attendance. In addition, Germany, Japan, Taiwan China will form part exhibition.
    At the appointed time, exhibitors will bring more than 1200 sets of exhibits. In the nearly 1000 sets of exhibits in the domestic machine, CNC metal cutting machine more than 600 Taiwan; NC forming machine more than 100 Taiwan; numerical control special machine is nearly 100 sets; other CNC equipment and CNC equipment about 150 sets of various machine tools and tools; measuring instrument exhibits several million pieces. Species and number of exhibits will be far more than the previous CCMT.


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