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    Machine tool industry warmer
    Machine tool industry warmer
    【author/from】webmanager 【time】2018/12/26 【count】6054
    Yesterday, the 2013 Yangzhou International Machine Tool Fair in the exhibition center, the exhibition will last 3 days. The exhibition industry is often a barometer of economic development. Through this exhibition, the reporter understands, Yangzhou machine tool sales have risen this year, show that the manufacturing industry of our city and industrial economy is accelerating. But the future of CNC machine tools will also be intelligent robot automation development direction.
    Hundreds of domestic and international manufacturers to demonstrate new technologies new machine
    The exhibition was organized by the project director Yang Tao said, the exhibition attracted hundreds of domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers, the exhibition showcases the domestic and foreign famous machine, CNC lathe, forging machine tool etc.. "This exhibition a total of 500 booths, is an international machine tool exhibition in Northern Jiangsu area the largest scale."
    In the exhibition, the reporter noted that this attracted many strength machine manufacturers to join, including Samsung, de Taiwan, Yangzhou Lichuang, cutting-edge achievements to the customer focus on the industry's leading equipment manufacturing industry.
    Yangzhou hengshuo Science &amp; Technology Co Ltd Lou engineers participated in the exhibition of machine tools in China, he excitedly told reporters, in this exhibition, he saw the new machine new technology many. "In the scene, we see a drilling and boring lathe CNC. According to the introduction, it is known as the no grinder, essentially by high speed turning machining finish high degree." Lou said the engineer, according to sales personnel on the surface roughness can reach Ra0.4, which reached the grinding fineness. Generally speaking, the car needs after grinding processing.
    Many machine tool manufacturers will sales headquarters in Yangzhou
    Yang Tao said, Yangzhou was selected as the exhibition, one is because the local industrial foundation is good, a strong technical force. The second Yangzhou regional radiation force is strong. Su, Anhui, this has become a hub, so there are many company sales headquarters in Yangzhou. Third, with the development of the manufacturing industry, the first-line brand tools is increasing in demand, a variety of factors for such an exhibition platform.
    It is understood, as the country's famous machine tool production big city, my city before 2007 had engaged professional exhibition of similar, but those exhibitors enterprises to local enterprises. "And this exhibition is the operation of the market, participating enterprises and products has reached more than 70 percent of the field." Yang Tao said.
    "In the next 2-3 years, we will Yangzhou international machine tool exhibition scale to higher -- may develop to the 1500-2000 booth in the exhibition, and can adapt to customer needs in some first-line brand." Yang Tao said, the organizer will invite customer and vendor in the world, expanding the "Yangzhou International Machine Tool Fair" influence, and intend to stay in Yangzhou.
    The Taiwan Tema CNC Co., vice president for sales high leave name, the domestic machine tool manufacturers in the exhibition, exchanges and cooperation, to provide sales channels, grasp the market dynamics provides a good platform for Yangzhou CNC machine tool enterprise.
    The increase in sales, manufacturing has been warmer
    The exhibition industry is often a barometer of economic development. Yangzhou Chenhai Electromechanical General Manager Zhang Guobin told the reporters, the machine tool industry is, is the manufacturing base, "machine tool sales growth, to a certain extent, can illustrate the manufacturing industry has been warmer."
    "This' machining center 'of this show, our last year's sales of about ten million, so far this year will reach forty million." Zhang Guobin said, the morning hours, have been set out about 7000000 machine tool products, "order customers are Yangzhou local manufacturers."
    The general manager of Yangzhou Hao Hong Xu Yi Xin said electromechanical Co. Ltd, some enterprise technology in the transformation, enterprises need to upgrade equipment, need some large equipment, so the demand for machine tools in Yangzhou local enterprises increased obviously. "Overall, in after a long time, CNC machine tools are strong demand."


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