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    Industry News
    Four technology into the future direction of development of machine tool
    Four technology into the future direction of development of machine tool
    【author/from】webmanager 【time】2018/12/26 【count】5878

    High speed CNC machine tools has been the pursuit of the goal. Since 1990,machine tool kinematics theory in Europe and the United States the application of new and advanced drive technology, optimize the structure of machine tools,improve the function of component performance, lightweight mobile units, to reduce friction.shorten the cutting time and auxiliary time, to achieve high quality and high efficiencymachining.

    Precision has become the important performance parameters of CNC machine tools. Through the structure optimization of machine tools, improve themanufacturing and assembly precision, reduce the reaction time of CNC and servo system.

    Using the temperature, vibration error compensation technology, improve thegeometric accuracy of CNC machine tools, precision etc.. At present, the machining accuracy of NC 5 to 10 micron, precision can reach 1 to 1.5 microns;accuracy of ultra precision machining center.

    The development trend of the integration of NC machine tool technology is the most important. After 2010, with CNC machine tools and intelligent technology and network technology closely, and a remote control and diagnosis through the Internet, laid the foundation for the NC machine tool into the era of. Green has become a new direction and the use of CNC machine tool design, manufacture.Gradually the green into the R & D category, renewable materials are extensively used as the design process; in the work process, using frequency conversion technology to reduce the idle speed and energy consumption; make use of CNC machine tools in the process to reduce waste emissions more than 50%.

    High speed, high precision, integration and green has become the developmentdirection of NC machine tool industry technology. In the level of equipment,processing range, quality and production efficiency of CNC machine tool industry, global access to a revolutionary progress, the key role on themanufacturing level of high-end enhancement.

    The 12th Five Year Plan period, China will continue to invest, and strength to increase, every major projects will drive investment of more than 10000000000.Not only the domestic CNC machine tools and CNC system and functionalcomponents of the development of the market, but also for domestic CNC systemmanufacturers continue to develop their own technology, provides an excellentopportunity to expand the market.



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