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    Welcome Nanjing Langdun Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

    Nanjing Langdun Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 
    Add:Mingjue Industrial Park in Nanjing  
    Tel:+86 25 57266828

    Fax:+86 25 57266348
    Email : sales@www.ipauq.com




    Nanjing Langdun Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is specialized in bending press, plate shearing machine, plate bending machine, tube bender and punching machine. With many years’ history, complete equipments, strong technical power and excellent geographical position, our company has developed quickly in the capacity of design, developing and manufacturing. By applying advanced machining equipment, perfect design program and perfect technics flow, our product is of beautiful appearance and firm structure.


    Company policy: Persist in various categories, standard quality and integrated service; keep improving; innovate constantly; provide the most excellent quality, the most complete product and the best service for customers.


    Company concept: integrity first, credit uppermost, basing upon home; facing to the world; taking product’s quality and service’s quality as enterprise’s life all the time; developing broader space on the base of keeping good cooperative relationship with similar companies; seeking truth from facts; looking forward to the future.



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